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78704 Sober Living Austin

The concept of sober living started in California and is now a worldwide idea that benefits many different people. Sober living homes offer a therapeutic environment to ensure the safety and success of residents. Men's sober living and recovery homes help residents gain traction of a sober life, and later on, encourage them to work to full independence.

Who can benefit from the sober living home?

The home works for many people in many different situations. Residents experience various rehab programs to bridge the gap between recovery and full independence. The structure and sustainable living format have little stress on the mental, so one can get a soundboard to build a new life.

Who benefits from our sober living home?

Most post-rehab candidates find value in sober housing near Austin, TX. Some people find a better deal because the arrangement is suitable for their development.

  • High-risk candidates – Top halfway houses in Austin, TX, are worth considering when you have a history of relapsing. Hickory Wind Ranch has no distractions and will keep your mind clear for the best recovery.

  • Access to drugs – The festive season is full of alcohol to lighten the mood. It is best to attend these events when you have a residential basis in the 78704 sober living in Austin. The sober space will remind you of your motivation to join and, hopefully, keep your indulgence at bay.

  • Minimal support network – Most drug recoverees do not have a support system back at home. They should join our family if they want a social and professional support system that assures full-term recovery. We understand the dynamics of a healthy space and will gladly redefine your perception and life and social circles.

The best length of stay

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that people undergoing addiction treatment have better results when they find a subsequent program after rehab. Our home does not limit your stay and only wish to reinforce the best possible recovery. It is best to extend your stay in sober houses and transitional living programs until you have a better standing in society, with a recommendable average length of 90 days.

The aim of our 78704 sober living in Austin include the following:

  • A circle of sober friends
  • Steady employment or income
  • A support network
  • Resolution to childhood issues that cause addictive behaviors

Why choose the 78704 sober living?

Our Austin TX transitional housing allows you the time to undo years or months of addictive behaviors. The team offers the most robust recovery program to nurture resilience. We offer peer support for both substance and mental disorders for the most effortless transition into everyday life.

We closely monitor the safety and wellness of residents through therapy and drug testing programs. Other residents can't take advantage of the vulnerable under our watch. All our patients' positive trajectory motivates us to continue offering a safe and welcoming program for long-term health and sobriety. Talk to one of our specialists via 512 598 5165 for prompt help on sober living for yourself or your loved one.

78704 Sober Living Austin
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78704 Sober Living Austin
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