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Alcohol Rehab South Florida

Alcohol Rehab South Florida

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2015 has recorded over 15 million deaths worldwide, due to Ischemic heart disease and stroke. These are affections that can be influenced and caused by some factors, one of which being alcohol abuse. We, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, battle substance addiction every day and we have seen the damages excess alcohol produces to an individual.

People seeking alcohol rehab in South Florida are desperate not only because what alcohol does to them, but because what it does to their loved ones as well. The main problem with substance addiction, regardless of the agent being used, whether it is alcohol, prescription opioids or illicit drugs, is that it will always affect multiple people at once. With alcohol, in particular, the side-effects vary from bad to worse:

- The drinker can no longer function properly in the society since all he’s thinking about is the next glass of liquor

- Because the organism continually craves for alcohol, the addict must maintain a steady flow of booze to avoid withdrawal symptoms

- Financial problems will start appearing since more money is needed to keep fueling the addiction

- The relationships between the addict and those around him will begin to deteriorate

- Being unable to show balanced mental processes and rational thinking, the prospect for a stable job will no longer be viable

All these problems will eventually start pilling up, leading to an even higher rupture between the addict and the society. This is some of the reasons why any institution promoting services about alcohol rehab in South Florida has treating strategies aiming at fighting off mental problems like depression, anxiety, a sense of helplessness, increased irritability and aggressive behavior and so on.

All of these associated with alcoholism and all of them laying at the foundation of the addict’s social incompatibility.

Our way of dealing with the problem

We have developed some strategies and mechanisms meant to collaborate with one another for the best results. Since alcoholism, as well as any other addiction in general, will take its toll on both the addict’s physical and psychological health, there is a need for treatment strategies to deal with both aspects.

As a result, we have:

The initial phase: Medical assistance - This is where the most critical aspect is to cut down withdrawal symptoms, which means the medication is required for controlling the seizures and countering psychological issues like anxiety.

The middle phase: Behavioral and spiritual support - Group therapies, family support sessions and the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), focusing on controlling emotions and overcome the possible trauma that may have lead to the addiction in the first place.

The final phase: Relapse prevention – Since relapse is a significant issue for all addictions, it is crucial to adopt specific strategies like instructional videos and private and group lessons on the dangers of alcoholism to prevent it.

Alcohol rehab in South Florida is what we, Meridian Treatment Solutions, are experts at and we settle for nothing less than top results and top-notch quality. Alcoholics are victims, and they must be treated as such.

Alcohol Rehab South Florida

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