Depression Treatment Scottsdale

Depression Treatment Scottsdale

Depression is a chronic condition that can return when undergoing lacking treatment. Ignore it, and it will branch out and aggravate fast, even leading to suicidal tendencies and a drastic drop in life quality. At Rising Phoenix Wellness Services, we treat depression via medication, therapy, experiential therapies, and other advanced methods for fast and sustainable recovery.

How to treat depression effectively

Our depression treatment in Scottsdale relies on a variety of programs and procedures to achieve the best results. It all begins during our dual diagnosis program, where our clinicians diagnose and assess your overall mental health and co-occurring health problems. Most people arriving at our Scottsdale depression clinic also struggle with various addictions, including that to prescribed medication.

Often, they are in that situation because of their efforts to self-medicate their depression without realizing the risks involved in the process. As a result, they develop a substance addiction that will only make things worse. In other cases, their depression is an outcome of their substance addiction. The dual diagnosis treatment is effective in both scenarios since it allows us to treat our patients’ addictions and their mental health problems simultaneously.

This is the most effective approach to treating depression and other mental health disorders, as it provides long-term benefits over the years.

Find the best Scottsdale treatment for depression

If you’re dealing with mental health problems and substance addiction, developing depression is just a matter of time. Our depression treatment facility in Scottsdale, AZ, takes patients through a comprehensive recovery system based on:

  • Assessment and treatment planning – The depression treatment program relies on in-depth clinical assessment, during which our experts will diagnose your problems and create a customized rehab and recovery program.
  • Supervised medication management – Our clinicians use medication to taper off the withdrawal in case of substance addiction, provide relief, and minimize the discomfort coming with mental health issues.
  • Behavioral therapies – Behavioral therapies like CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), etc., are useful for providing confidence, mental stability, and mental and emotional strength. They’re also vital for identifying the underlying problems leading to the mental health issues that need addressing.
  • Continuous support and counseling – We offer depression help in Scottsdale, AZ, on an ongoing basis via our outpatient and Alumni programs. The goal is to ensure our patients’ safety, stability, and sobriety over the years, leading to a more fulfilling and gratifying lifestyle.

Is there a cure for depression?

Yes, there is. Although depression, like addiction, is a chronic condition, there are ways to manage its symptoms and keep it in check. It all revolves around rehabilitation, long-term management, and personal development. Our depression treatment in Scottsdale will provide you with the tools to grow as an individual and become more confident, stable, and positive in your everyday life.

Contact Rising Phoenix Wellness Services at 480-589-0895, and let’s discuss your treatment options! We offer help, empathy, clinical support, and psychotherapies to promote healthy living, sobriety, and a depression-free life.

Depression Treatment Scottsdale

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