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Drug Rehab Orange County CA

Drug Rehab Orange County CA

The decision to enter rehab for drug addiction is often difficult. You may have tried to resolve the situation on your own without the results you need. The best way to stop an addiction is with professional help from our qualified drug rehab in Orange County, CA. At Safe Harbor, we provide a secure and comfortable, intimate environment where you will gain the tools you need to overcome your addiction for good.

Types of Treatments We Offer

We offer a variety of treatments at our drug rehab in Orange County, CA. Treatments include group and individual therapy, psychiatry, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, psychodrama, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and 12-step fellowship. We work with each client to create a treatment plan that is most likely to be successful. Our team of experts assists and guides the recovery process every step of the way, so you always have the support you need. We understand how to help you with the rehab process. We take a holistic approach, so we treat the entire person and not just the addictive behavior.

About Safety Harbor Treatment Center

At Safety Harbor Treatment Center, we are a leading Orange County drug rehab. The first step is to get you through the initial detox period. During detoxification, the body is getting back to normal and adjusting to life without drugs. Our skilled experts will assess your addiction and provide a treatment plan. In addition to therapy sessions and other treatments, we provide you with excellent meals and options for fitness and exercise so you can learn new ways to reduce your need for drugs. We are a small facility, so we can give you the support you need throughout the recovery period.

Tour Our Property

If you are ready to enter drug rehab in Orange County, CA, you will want to take a tour of our facility. As a leading drug rehab center in Orange, we offer comfortable, private quarters that will give you the space you need while you focus on your rehabilitation. You can take an online tour of our rehab or contact us, and we will be happy to schedule a visit. You will enjoy a comfortable room with access to relaxed living spaces. Inpatient treatment is the best way to focus on overcoming your addiction without negative outside influences. You will find that you will be completely calm and ready to obtain the tools you need as you move forward with your life.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center is one of the top facilities for drug rehab in Orange County, CA. We cater specifically to the needs of women and offer a selection of proven treatments that will help you resolve your drug addiction. We are here to assist you in every way and help you succeed. With our help, you can overcome your addiction and gain the skills you need to live a happy and healthy life. Call Safe Harbor Treatment Center to speak with an addiction treatment specialist, verify your insurance, or learn more about our treatment: 1-844-214-8384/

Drug Rehab Orange County CA
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