IOP Riverside

IOP Riverside

For any person battling a substance use disorder, determining the right rehab program can be challenging. This is mostly because each individual's struggles are unique. In order to decide which type of rehabilitation program is perfect for you, it's important first to understand the difference between IOP in Riverside and standard outpatient programs.

At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we'll guide you in choosing the most suitable rehab option for you after a thorough evaluation. We will then equip you with the finest resources and tools to help you recover successfully.

IOP Vs. Traditional Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

Here's what you should know about both intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, CA:

Traditional Outpatient

A traditional outpatient program entails undergoing alcohol and drug treatment in Riverside without living in a rehabilitation center for the duration of the treatment. This means you can go home at the end of each day after attending your therapy sessions. Outpatient options are less expensive and allow you to maintain some of your responsibilities like family duties, work, and school. That said, it’s important to note that outpatient programs are not for everyone.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

There are addictions that require a more intensive level of care and treatment than can be offered in a standard outpatient setting. This is where IOPs come in. Intensive outpatient programs provide a higher level of addiction treatment service for better outcomes. Still, you return home every day like a standard outpatient setting. The best option between the two programs will be based on the stage of recovery you're in the availability in your schedule, your personal recovery needs, among other factors. Below are more differences between the two programs to decide the best Riverside drug rehab for you:

  • Length of Time

The length of time spent at rehab and the frequency of visits are major differences between IOPs and traditional outpatient programs. You’ll typically attend one to three sessions every week in an outpatient program. Contrarily, IOPs demand more time, hence the term intensive. You may be expected to dedicate ten or more hours every week with longer and more frequent appointments than standard outpatient programs.

  • Recovery Stage

IOPs are meant for people struggling with relapses or cravings as they are more intensive. This can aid in keeping you on track in your recovery journey. These substance abuse services in Riverside, California, also work well for those who might have just come from a more comprehensive rehab setting like inpatient or partial hospitalization programs. On the other hand, if you’re almost completely integrated into normal life, you can benefit from the less demanding nature of standard outpatient rehabs. For most individuals, an outpatient program is the last step in their sobriety journey.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs for A Successful Recovery

Our intensive outpatient and standard outpatient programs are highly individualized to address the particular needs of every client. As one of the top Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers, our approach is evidence-based to deliver the best outcomes. If you need IOP in Riverside, we’re here for you. Our dedicated addiction treatment specialists will empower you to find purpose and meaning in your life without depending on alcohol or drugs. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now:

IOP Riverside

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