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Rehabs For Couples

Rehabs For Couples

Many people often don’t realize how devastating addiction can be and how it affects both the addict and their family members and loved ones. At Couples Recovery Rehab, we know how much the situation can degenerate, dragging many innocent people into harm’s way. If you’re looking to quit your addiction, you need to consider our rehabs for couples as soon as possible.

How substance rehab treatment works

The process begins with a phone conversation, during which our rehab specialist will gather as much information about your situation as possible. Be ready to answer questions like:

  • What substance are you using?
  • For how long have you shown withdrawal symptoms?
  • What withdrawal symptoms do you usually manifest?
  • Do you have any noticeable side-effects?
  • Do you have any medical history of chronic illnesses or mental disorders?

Answering these questions can help our expert understand your situation better and recommend adequate treatment. The more in-depth assessment will begin after you arrive at our facility for medical diagnosis and intake. This is when our clinicians will assess your physical and mental health and craft a patient-oriented detox and recovery program for immediate benefits.

From that point on, the treatment is relatively straightforward, involving medical detox, group therapy sessions, individual counseling, behavioral therapies, etc. We recommend following all our recovery programs for effective rehabilitation and recovery, including residential treatment, outpatient care, IOP, aftercare services, etc. This will ensure the best recovery experience, allowing you to heal and remain sober in the long run.

What are rehabs for couples?

Rehab treatments for couples involve treating the patients together, which will allow them to recover faster and rebuild their bonds during treatment. Substance addiction is notorious for destroying couples and families due to its long-term devastating effects and behavioral changes coming with it. We have many couples arriving at our facility facing relationship issues because of it.

In many situations, only one of the partners is an addict, but we’ve had many cases where both were. In either case, you need to consider joining a high-end rehab program immediately. Our rehab specialists can help you overcome addiction effectively, adopt long-term relapse prevention strategies, and rebuild your family life over the years.

Is substance abuse rehab effective?

The answer to the question only depends on the rehab program you’re joining. Finding a reliable, results-oriented rehab treatment is essential for fast recovery and long-term stability and sobriety. Our facility relies on patient-oriented treatment and customizable recovery programs to promote healing, bonding, social reintegration, and long-term sobriety management.

The rehab program will allow you to quit your addiction effectively and never look back. If you’re interested in finding more about our rehabs for couples, contact our team of professionals, and we can set an appointment for immediate clinical assessment.

You can speak with our Couples Recovery Rehab professionals over the phone today to set an appointment or prepare an intervention for your loved one. Trust our team, make the call, and your life will never be the same!

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